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RCS is the Next generation technology of text messaging, has swept the tradional messaging SMS (short messaging service) as it lacked dynamic features like sharing multimedia within the message. Simply put, RCs is currently the best of messaging and calling platform with an estimated market worth of around $10 billion by 2024

Group chat functionality
Use a better contacts list that included things like more information about your people, if they were available and if they have seen the message you’ve sent.
Content sharing capability
Build a better messaging system that enables extras like instant chat, emojis and sharing data between the people participating.
Geolocation sharing feature
Support enhanced calls with features like video calling and data sharing in real time.

BSS / OSS Transformation

BSS (Business Support System) enables the medium to communicate service provider with their customers. BSS is software-centric model that is concerned mainly with dealing with the customer, while OSS (Operating Support System) is concerned with network-oriented factors like system design, configuration, architecture and security

Jazz up your sale activities
BSS covers both pre sale activities such as quoting and post sales activities such as billing, receiving payments. OSS usually supports BSS to process the services to customers.
Market Growth
The annual revenue growth rate recorded for BSS and OSS is around $9 billion and around $4 billion dollar respectively in the past five year till the year 2020. F IX will offer an edge in managing your product, customer, order and revenue with these platforms
Product Management
Customer Management
Order Management
Revenue Management

VoLTE / Vo5G Solutions

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and Vo5G (Voice over 5G) refers to the Next-Gen voice services based on wireless networks specifically on 4G and 5G network respectively. It offers data connection for voice calls instead of building its connection over 3G network. Vo5G is more or less following the same concept of VoLTE for providing services; via IMS

High-Quality Calling
Leverage your calling experience with the 4G connection being 3x faster than 3g and 6x faster than 2G essentially. Voice call has never been this much clear. However 5G is believed to be having a whopping speed of 10 Gbps, making it 10x faster than 4G.
Enhanced Network Coverage
Maximise your connectivity while on the go. The best part about VoLTE network is that it switches and adjusts automatically to 2G or 3G in case of unavailibilty of 4G or 5G signals
High-Definition Video-Calling
Now you don’t have to rely only the availbility of third party video calling applications to make a video call but you can do that from the brink of your 4G / 5G supported cellular network

We are closely watching the health risk reported with radio frequency range of 5G NR from various countries. The project scope and other details will have to be dependent on your local regulations

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