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F IX 6 Step Project Scope Statement 

Having a well define project scope for any project is crucially important. Its value is inevitable no matter how efficient your efforts are, you wouldnt yield effective results without it.
a project scope lays the foundation of your organisational goals and objectives. It proposes a plan for allocating the available resources according to the project timeline
We, at F IX, envisage the overall outcome of the project with a well strategised six-step project scope statement in order to legitimately allign the associated milestones

1. Identification of Project Needs

In the first step of the project scope, the needs of the project are identified. Understanding all the INs and OUTs of the project is immensely important in the first place. Hereby we provide the blueprint of the project that includes major information of how and why the project will be executed on certain conditions

2. Confirmation of Project Goals

In the second phase, we approve the goals and objectives of the project. We strongly believe that a goal well planned is half way achieve. so, complex goals become more and more simple when they are divided into chunks of objectives. We make sure that goals and objectives are defined on the basis of SMART guidelines. To be more precise, a goal has to Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and should be completed in a specified Timeframe

3. Project Scope description

After The Goals and Objectives are carefully defined, we derive a project scope description based on the set guidelines. The features and functionality of the project or service is described. This gives an overview to the customers whether how will they be benefited by the desired product or service

4. Expectations and Validations

Satisfaction of Customers has always been our priority. We determine whether the clients expectation has been met in terms of usability of the product or services. We tend to verify for the quality both on our internal team as well as on our client. We conduct such survey inorder to confirm the validation of the work progress

5. Constraints Identification

Its quite obvious that no project is 100 % ideally achieveable. There maybe encountered some loop-holes in the process. Keeping all the limitations in mind, that can come along side we tend to bridge the gap of real and ideal. We expect both internal and external contraints that can slow down the project. So take all the preventive measures to avoid the unfavourable delay in the project completion

6. Necessary Modifications

In the final phase of the project we ensure the project completion in congruence to the specified standard. We welcome the prospect of modification suggested by the stakeholders and clients that are to be incorporated. This totally eliminate all sorts of misconceptions and differences related to the project implementation

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